Top 10 Colleges with the Hottest Girls



Sunshine and sports—that’s what Pepperdine girls know best. Over in Malibu, California, Pepperdine girls bask in 281 days of sunshine. That means 281 opportunities for a beach day with these beauties as they work on their tan. Pepperdine girls even shine at the Olympics. Students Sarah Attar and Roxanne Barker competed at the 2012 Olympic games, while Dain Blanton won the gold medal in Beach Volleyball at the 2000 Olympic games. They’re philanthropic too. After raising $10 million for St. Jude’s in two years, Pepperdine’s Tri Delta chapter pledged to raise $15 million in five years—and then met their goal in only 3.5 years. Looks like you might end up volunteering for their next fundraiser.



The West Coast is known for hotness, and at the University of Southern California the tanned and toned ladies also earned themselves 26 national championships. With all the sand and 284 days of sun per year, you can find them showing off their bods on the surf team and the new beach volleyball team. These Trojans even dominate the classroom when they leave practice, as their women’s soccer team had the highest athletic GPA. But even having the brains and the muscle isn’t enough for them. The girls at USC spent most of 2013 and 2014 contributing to almost 32,000 hours of community service through Greek life. USC even has the Helene’s, the oldest female organization on campus with a big heart. They provide meals and health screenings for homeless women in their area. Even though these girls could be models, their smarts and community service will really catch your eye as they walk by.



Boats, bikinis and Biscayne Bay? Throw in a charitable cause, and you’ve got yourself a viral video. Though slammed by the media as an over-the-top expensive production, UM’s Delta Gamma girls’ 2016 recruitment video proceeds went to their philanthropy, Service for Sight. Along with the DG girls, UM’s eight sororities joined together recently to raise money to help build a school in Africa. “When considering schools I think [UM] attracts (no pun intended) a lot of attractive girls,” sophomore Adrian Rodriguez said. Out on the water, UM offers rowing as a women’s sport. With its rigorous practice schedule that works every part of your body, the sport is no joke and neither are the girls who come out of it. And with 249 days of sunshine per year, these girls take advantage of the beautiful weather but still hit the books. The average GPA for incoming freshman stands at an astounding 4.3. If your dream girl loves the beach, her community and academics, a UM girl may be the right choice for you.



First impressions definitely count, and TCU girls know you never get a second. TCU alumna Olivia Caridi caught the attention of The Bachelor’s Ben Higgins on day one. While she didn’t end up winning his heart and the ring, she did receive the first impression rose *gasp*. TCU girls make a great first impression wherever they go, and they have to work to get there. While there’s no minimum GPA to be considered for admission, TCU students average in the top thirteen percent of their high school class. The first impressions don’t stop there; just wait until bid day. When pledges run home during the “running of the commons,” the order of the runners depends on the sorority’s ranking. Instead of solely based on event attendance, the sororities factor in personal dignity and scholarship. With 229 days of sunshine and 12 women’s sports, TCU sets the scene for girls to stay toned year-round. Who doesn’t love a girl with a sexy mind and character to match her looks? Take it from TCU girls: It’s about quality, not quantity.



The stunning campus at UC Berkeley also sports a pretty stunning female population. These ladies worked incredibly hard to even get into a university with a 16.9% acceptance rate, let alone keep that 4.37 GPA they got in with. Even though their number of sororities sits around 13, the organizations keep a strict eye over hazing and sexual assault by publicly displaying the gold star and flagged groups online. Ladies that always feel safe? Now that’s hot. And if you still doubt their commitment to flawless sororities, just look at the Sigma Kappa Chapter. They’ve raised money for everything from the environment to underprivileged children to people with Alzheimer’s. Sure they keep their bodies in shape with 16 different women’s sports teams, but the philanthropy and smarts are what will keep you dreaming about these Oskis.


Arizona State University doesn’t just radiate heat from over 300 days of sun per year, but also from the girls winning 13 total NCAA championships. And they don’t just reel in attention for looks, but for things like relentless activism, which was highlighted in a local paper last year. These awesome ladies traveled to Syria to help those in need and even aiding in building a hydraulics lab in Kenya. Their amazing community work doesn’t stop them from hitting the books either. The total sorority GPA was higher than the overall female GPA in 2014, so intelligence runs deep with organizations normally associated with kegs and parties. We’re not talking wife material; we’re talking CEO material. Is there anything these girls can’t do?



UCF’s campus is packed with insanely hot girls. With 233 sunny days per year and more than 60,000 students, beautiful girls scantily clad in short shorts are everywhere to be found. “We’re the second biggest university in the country, meaning there’s more styles of girls!” UCF junior Joey Flores said. “From country girls to city girls, there’s a style of girl that any guy could like.” When they’re not walking right down the middle of Magic Kingdom’s Main Street USA, you’ll probably find UCF girls volunteering in the community. Instead of pre-gaming for insane Halloween parties, UCF Greek life set up “Trick or Treat on Greek Street,” an event where kids from the Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida trick-or-treated at the sorority and fraternity houses. With an average 3.4 GPA among all sorority women in the spring 2015 semester, these girls pass along their intelligence, too. The Young Women Leaders Program helps guide 13-year-old girls through the ups and downs of adolescence. Young girls call their college buddy “big” while they discuss self-love as well as leadership skills. What young girl wouldn’t want a cool, college-age mentor to guide them through the confusing world of seventh grade?


Ohio may not foster bikini weather year-round with only 181 sunny days a year, but Miami University girls find a way to make it hot despite the temperature. Miami U’s synchronized skating team has won 12 straight championships and 18 championships overall. Miami Greek life’s 18 gorgeous sorority girls participate in the Community Advancement program, which helps sororities as well as fraternities uphold the five pillars of sorority and fraternity community. Not only are Miami girls hot, but they’re also making sure future students bring on the heat long before freshman year. The university hosted an event for high school girls from the area, encouraging them to pursue a career in a S.T.E.M. field. Commitment to their community, smarts and beauty? Yes please!



It may be great to be a Florida Gator, but its even better to be a hot one. The ladies of UF dominate the athletic scene with their 11 women’s sports teams, including a softball team that’s been National Champs for the past two years. Besides possessing stellar athletic skills, UF girls needed an average 4.3 GPA to be able to rock orange and blue. And for the 3,500 girls in sororities, Greek life means more than party life. In fact, their Dance Marathon remains one of the most successful student-run philanthropy events in the southeast. “UF has the hottest girls hands down,” UF graduate student Jed Holster said. “They’re the girls you can go out and enjoy a drink with while also wanting to take home and introduce to mom. Brains and beauty.”



Katy Perry got it right when she said California girls are unforgettable. UCLA girls sizzle both literally and figuratively with 284 days of sunshine per year and their new beach volleyball team guarantees you’ll find daisy dukes with bikinis on top. After they’re done sweating for their NCAA Championships—UCLA won more than any other school in the country—they’re hitting the books harder than they’re hitting softballs. They have more women than men in law school and the average GPA just to get into the school is 4.18. With how hard it was to even get in, its no wonder their 14 sororities give back to the community that welcomed them. The Tri-Delts of UCLA show off amazing cooking skills by whipping up pancakes for the whole school at their pancake breakfast to donate to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. They strengthen their bodies and the community with fundraisers like a capture the flag tournament, ultimate Frisbee tournament and flag football competitions. Having a bae that keeps her body moving, makes killer pancakes and gives to charity? Just pick out the ring now.

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