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Gym Wildlife


The Gym. Millions of homo sapiens frequent this urban wilderness. Today we will take a look into this strange place and show you the gym like you've never seen it before

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Top 10 Hottest Magazine Covers Featuring WWE’s Women


10. MARIA – WWE MAGAZINE – NOVEMBER 2006 With the women of the Attitude Era fizzling out of the company one by one, Maria was taking advantage by slowly, but surely cementing herself as one of the top Divas in WWE in the late 2000s. She did this by landing her first magazine cover with the company in November of 2006. ...

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Top 10 Colleges with the Hottest Girls


10. PEPPERDINE UNIVERSITY Sunshine and sports—that’s what Pepperdine girls know best. Over in Malibu, California, Pepperdine girls bask in 281 days of sunshine. That means 281 opportunities for a beach day with these beauties as they work on their tan. Pepperdine girls even shine at the Olympics. Students Sarah Attar and Roxanne Barker competed at the 2012 Olympic games, while ...

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Kylie Jenner costume surprises with Christina Aguilera and even the singer praises


Kylie Jenner , the youngest of the Jenner sisters, surprised at this Halloween with an overproduced dress that recalled the best shots of the recent past of Christina Aguilera . The model paid tribute to America with a look inspired by one of their most famous music videos , it which generated positive feedback. This was the second costume Kylie , who first was characterized by Catrina . Attire, used it to go ...

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